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"These guys shocked everyone last time in. The Strungout Playboys are a total blast! Fun music and good times."
Fly Amero - Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, touring with bands including Orleans (Still The One / Dance With Me)

The Strungout Playboys is a four-piece acoustic band based on Boston's North Shore who fuse Country, Bluegrass, Folk, and Classic Rock into a unique, diverse, and highly entertaining experience. This freeh, new acoustic quartet shares vocal duties, adding harmonies to each singer/songwriter’s leads.

Their debut album, "Pushing A String," contains 13 original songs. Band members are: Glen Ahearn - guitar and vocals, John DiTomaso - ukulele, melodica, and vocals, Tony Gallo - bass and vocals, and Joe Geary - banjo, mandolin, harmonica, and vocals.

Glen Ahearn (guitar/vocals): GA has been playing guitar for 40 plus years. He is an original member of the long standing band White Lightnin'. Glen is principle songwriter for SOP as he was for White Lightnin' back in the 80's when they had a go of it - winning the rock n roll rumble at Grover's in Beverly in 1984 as well as being known as one of the best guitarists in the region. Soft-spoken, intelligent, and one heck of a musician!

Joe Geary (banjo/mandolin/harmonica/vocals): Joe was originally a sax player and also played harmonica for White Lightnin’ back in the 80's. A very clever song-writer back then as he is today. Joe got turned onto Banjo after being inspired by the movie soundtrack of "Oh Brother Where Art Thou.” He spent over 20 years not playing music and turned to his old friends to see about playing some acoustic music. His enthusiasm is infectious!

John DiTomaso (ukulele/foot percussion/melodica/vocals): John's main instrument is trumpet/flugelhorn and man can he play! He's earned a degree from The University of Massachusetts (Lowell). He teaches privately and at Arlington High School. John was musical director for Follow Hymn Interfaith choir and Building Bridges. It's there that he was inspired to produce his multimedia piece based on The Civil Rights Movement. He's been with White Lightnin’ for the last 10 plus years. John's also a member of The Few Abide and has played on countless recordings including work on Gallo/Hillman's upcoming album, Don't Look Back. He's played lots of shows: TG, Fabio Pirozzolo, Big Ben Hillman, Marc Mancini, John Hyde, and more. John has played with various big bands and is simply musical treasure!

Tony Gallo (bass/vocals): TG is also an original member of White Lightnin’. He' spent many years away from music and even more from playing bass. He got back into music in the mid 90's when he started going to blues jams and got interested in harmonica as well as fronting/lead vocalist duties. A couple years later Tony took some piano lessons and got very interested in playing/singing Standards and Jazz & Blues. He started singing/playing with some of Boston and the North Shore's finest players such as Thomas Hebb, John Hyde, Fabio Pirozollo, Bill Duffy, Frank Wilkins, and more. His Album, "Something To Say” made the Grammy pool in 2003 in various categories and Tony has also recorded and helped arranged songs by song-writer friends Steve Geyer & Dennis Carlan. Tony got back to playing bass about 10 years ago after being involved in a gospel choir along with buddy john DiTomaso. He's currently writing, singing and recording with Ben Hillman. "Don't Look Back" is slated to be released in late Spring 2018.
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